Crossmodalism is a community and movement based on Curiosity, Collaboration, Experimentation, Intellectual diversity, and Hedonism. It is born from the synthesis of art, science, design and entrepreneurship. We bridge non-traditionally linked disciplines to create a home for those who dare to celebrate the full human experience.


We are dedicated to promoting the values of Crossmodalism and our community: The Crossmodalists.
Our entire platform is run by volunteer work and sustained through the donations of our Patrons of Experimentation

HOW TO ENGAGE and support

Crossmodalism at its core is a philosophy, you are free to make it your own. 

We can always use a hand, a head, a heart, as well as financial support. Join our cause by becoming a Patron of Experimentation, meet the community by joining the Facebook group 'Crossmodalism Members', follow up on news and events by subscribing to the newsletters or find out more by emailing us at info@crossmodalism.com

To volunteer, email us at daniel@cromssmodalism.com