A collection of film and photography from previous events, performances, projects, and gatherings.

Crossmodal film collaborations:

Food Paintings - Charles Michel, Daniel Ospina, Chris Lloyd

Joe Sarah for Orlando Seale & The Swell - Wrestling

"The concept for the shoot was to encapsulate the overall vibe that Orlando Seale and The Swell (OSATS) have, some of the lyrics in the song Wrestling and also chocolate!

... Imagine Hemingway's Old-man-and-the-sea-esque moonlight; lonesome nights out on the ocean; a sense of isolation by having solitary figures. Using a single light source, and making it very "toppy" achieved the moon light effect (far left and centre picture). The song (Wrestling) has an element of voyeurism, shown in the table scene with the camera as a rather blatant suggestion... the other bits and pieces make sense in the set up aside from this. A slightly more subtle suggestion of voyeurism is the over the shoulder view. Catching the Typist's silhouette, with the focus being on the hands and his action suggests an intrusive as opposed to traditional feeling shot where we'd be capturing the scene from the other side creating an intimacy with the Typist (mid-right picture). Lastly, and probably the most obvious effect of the shoot was the chocolate. OSATS had teamed up with chocolate maestros Nom Nom to make the chocolate bar-come-single. The illustrations were done beautifully by OhBones (fellow Crossmodalist Brit McInerney), and on the inside of the wrapper one can find instructions and a code to download the single and enjoy their chocolate with. - Joe Sarah

All images (c) Joe Sarah and Orlando Seale and The Swell.