The following is a non-exhaustive list showing the vast range of events curated by Crossmodalists around the globe. From theatrical dining experiences, to scientific research evenings, Crossmodalists are responsible for a hugely diverse series of events, experiences, and interventions worldwide. For more information, or to receive a full list of Crossmodalist experiences, please email


The First international crossmodalist symposium and performance exhibition - july 2016

The First International Crossmodalist Symposium and Performance Exhibition took place in July 2016, Tuscany, Italy. Thirty-one Crossmodalists from around the globe descended on a converted monastery to live, share, and work together. Workshops included lectures on neuroanatomy and notation, underwater interactive painting exhibitions, sculpture, poetry and narrative writing, tango and ballet lessons, cooking, sensory mapping, and many more.

The performance exhibition featured a sensory realisation of the venue, through taste, poetry, smell, sensor activated sonic machines, and silent touch. It also featured the first ever Crossmodalist Wedding - a union wedding of two Crossmodalists, paying tribute to nature, science, and art.

Photography by Joe Sarah

XM_Italian Symposium_175_Joe Sarah.jpg



FEED - Food, Experience, Education, Design, is an experiential platform of discussion around one of the great issues of our time: the human/food relationship. The programme hosts experiential conferences, and creates platforms for public engagement with science across festivals and events.

FEED has curated two events so far; The Poetics of Food, and GastroPolitics. Speakers included Shane Holland (Slow Food), Prof. Charles Spence (Crossmodal Research Laboratory), Carolyn Steel (Food Philosopher - Smart Cities), Tia Kansara (Replenish), Julian Baggini (The Philosopher's Magazine), Prof. Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy), Atsuko Ikeda (Japanese Food Expert), Cristine Leone (Head Chef, Ivy's Mess Hall), Gillian Riley (Food Historian), and Janice Wang (President, Oxford Blind Tasting Society).

royal society twilight science, july 2015

The University of Oxford Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Imagineering Lab, and City University came together at the annual Royal Society Twilight Science Evening; the official oppening of the RS Summer Exhibition.

Crossmodalists Janice Wang, Chris Lloyd, and Marius Braun ran a series of experiments on Taste and Sound at the Sense Tent, with research going towards the PhD research of Wang and Braun.


creative professionals network Australia launch - june 2016

Janice Wang held a short wine and music experiment at the launch of the Creative Professionals Australia Network, at Australia House, London. Alongside Kate MacTiernan (Shuffle Festival), sopranos Samantha Crawford and Skye Ingram, and pianist Chris Lloyd, the presentations were a part of the new networking group open to all Australians and Europeans in England.

Photography by James Gifford Mead

also festival 2016 - scented lake performance and meditation

Chris Lloyd teamed up with Odette Toilette to deliver one of Time Out London's 'Six Quirkiest Things To Do In Summer' at Also Festival. The two created a Perfumed Lake Swimming Performance, with audience swimming in a lake around scent-dispensing origami lilies, to a live soundtrack of water inspired music by Ravel, Liszt, Wagner, and Prokofiev.

Lloyd also presented the Crossmodalist Triptych Meditation Series - a set of three sensory meditations to explore the possibility of sensory manipulation in heightening awareness.

institute of philosophy - 10th anniversary celebrations

Charles Michel and Daniel Ospina curated a sensory tasting celebration for the 10th Anniversary Celebrations at the Institute of Philosophy, Senate House. Invited by Director, Professor Barry Smith, the two performed a recorded Food Canvas in front of several of the UK's leading philosophers and scientists.

toa berlin 2016: food canvas performance, may 2016

Charles Michel, Chris Lloyd, and Daniel Ospina were invited to give talks and perform at the 2016 edition of Tech Open Air, Berlin. The three closed day two of TOA with a live Food Canvas performance at Funkhaus - the old radio broadcasting headquarters of the GDR.

Food is not Art. Art can't be embodied. Art is just seen, and heard... But paradigms are changing, as we explore new forms of expression. This Crossmodalist food painting consists of a live piano performance translated into flavour. Two food artists will convert sound into flavour following the emotions aroused by the music. The audience will be invited to come together in a final communion, to see, smell and touch what they have heard, before tasting.

Photography by Pablo Ruiz Holst

taste your senses - food matters live 2015

In conjunction with the University of Oxford, Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Crossmodalism took over the Taste Your Senses stand at Food Matters Live. Over three days, experiments were held by Dr. Andy Woods, Sarah Hyndman, Marius Braun, Charles Michel, Nora Turoman, Noemi Dreksler, Janice Wang, Daniel Ospina, and Abi Glencross; all researching the power of our senses as it relates to the future of food.

science museum london lates, september 2015

Nadjib Achaibou (perfume) and Chris Lloyd (piano) were granted run of the floor during the September Lates Event at the London Science Museum, as part of the Cravings Exhibition.

Achaibou and Lloyd curated a series of five rolling experiments, which explored the relationship of wine/music, wine/perfume, perfume/typography, cutlery/music/film, and sensory overload.

taste of liszt - theatrical dining, florida, usa, december 2015

Chris Lloyd, Evan Kassof and Chef Patrice Perron collaborated to create the first Crossmodalist performance in the United States of America. Featuring music by Liszt, Prokofiev, Ravel, and a new work by Kassof, with food designed by Perron.