Crossmodalist literature: 


All texts are explicitly linked to Crossmodalism, however the content and opinions belong exclusively to the author/s.


1. Crossmodalist Guideline of Being: A Manifesto on Action
    Author: Chris Lloyd
    Date: 25/12/2015
    Format: PDF

2. The Taste of Liszt: Crossmodal Poetry
    Author: Katie Haworth
    Date: July 2015
    Format: PDF

3. The End of An Era: The Celebrity Chef - Article
    Author: Daniel Ospina
    Date: 7/1/2016
    Format: Link (Website)

4. The Crossmodalism Manifesto of Artistic Revolution
    Author: Chris Lloyd
    Date: 18/3/2015
    Format: PDF

5. 'Sensing Out Society' - PETRIe Inventory Magazine (UK)
Author: Grace Carter
Date: February 2016
Format: Link (Website)

6. Ibiza Style Magazine - Charles Michel on Crossmodalism (GR)
Author: Ibiza Style
Date: June 2016
Format: Link (Website)

7. Subpac Review of Crossmodalism Gathering
Author: Subpac
Date: April 2016
Format: Link (Website)    

8. The Crossmodalist Way: Smells, Sensibilities and Shenanigans! - Miss Brown Got Around (UK)
Author: Miss Brown
Date: 15th June, 2016
Format: Link (Blog)

9. Multisensory Cinema Adds Smell and Touch To VR World - VICE Motherboard (UK)
Author: Emiko Jozuka
Date: 28th July, 2015
Format: Link (Website)

10. Multi-sensory cinema - The Independent (UK)
Author: Rachael Pells
Date: 25th July, 2015
Format: Link (Website)

11. Tasting Notes - New Music Box (USA)
Author: Ben Houge
Date: 2nd October, 2015
Format: Link (Website)

12. 'I Use Music To Change How Food Tastes' - Financial Times (UK)
Author: Janice Wang and Helen Cahill
Date: 9th October, 2015
Format: Link (Website)

13. 'Meeting the Crossmodalists' - Taste Pioneers (UK)
Author: Sean Davey
Date: 23rd October, 2016
Format: Link (Blog)

14. Open Senses Festival - Evening Standard (UK)
Author: Lyndsey Winship
Date: 10th May, 2017
Format: Link (Website)