Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Oxford University - Experimental Psychology (UK)
Laboratory for research on perception psychology and phenomenonological similarities amongst the senses.

Chris Lloyd - Pianist (UK, Australia)
Musical curator and performer with The Crossmodalists

Charles Michel - Cook and Researcher (UK, Colombia)
Chef-in-Residence, Crossmodal Research Laboratory

Daniel Ospina - Organisational Design (UK, Colombia)
Experience Designer and Creative Consultant.

Andreas Fabian - Silversmith (UK)
The creator of utensils, tools, multisensory eating apparatus

Evan Kassof - Composer (USA)
Crossmodalist composer, creator of Wine and Cello, a musical response to a Sauterne.

Abi Glencross - Cellular Agriculturist (UK)
Pioneer of lab-grown meat at King's College, London University; creator of Future Farm Lab.

Giacomo Garziano - Architect (Italy, Netherlands)
Architect, bio-hacker, music enthusiast. Founder at GG-Loop and Elephants & Volcanoes. Architecture, as answer to a spatial demand, cannot be merely functional. Every space needs to tell a story.

Victoria Stoyanova - Community Architect (UK, Bulgaria)
Community Architect, everyday enthusiast.

Grace Boyle - Science Director (UK)
Science Director of Shuffle Festival, creator of The Feelies - the first multisensorial Crossmodalist virtual reality experience.

Tereza Stehlikova - Film (Czech Republic, UK)
Crossmodalist inspiration, tactile film making and sensory experience.

Sarah McCartney - Perfumer (UK)
Queen of olfactory sensation, the inspiration for scent as art form.

Katie Haworth - Poetry (NZ, UK)
The spoken word Crossmodalist, tactile and descriptive poetry for reflection. Link A Taste of Liszt, reflections on an experience.

Maria Zegna - Dance (Argentina)
Dancer, muse to the music and science world. Artistic representation of our South American counterparts.

Ben Houge - Composer (USA)
Composer and Electronic Production and Design, creator of Food Opera based at the Berklee College of Music.

Anu Hopia - Author (Finland)
Co-Editor of the 5D Cookbook - A multisensory cookbook released with Bruno Mesz, Erik Fooladi and Per Samuelson. 

Felipe Reinoso Carvalho - Sound Design and Science (Belgium, Brazil)
Sound designer researching the influence of sound on taste, collaborating with several universities and industrial partners, developing multisensory experiences worldwide.

Tasha Marks - Food Historian and Artist (UK)
The collision of gastronomy and art; founder of AVM Curiosities - food, art, history and the sensory museum.

Steve Keller - Sound and Art (USA, Germany)
CEO of iV and iV2, audio consultancies based in Nashville and Frankfurt. Working with a wide range of global brands and agencies, helping them harness the power of sound to shape perceptions and influence behaviour.

Anna Kolosova - Visual Art (Russia, UK)
Synaesthetic visual and performance artist - translator of scent, sound, and tactility into colour and shape.

Leslie Nooteboom - Innovation Design Engineer (Netherlands)
Experimented with food design. Coming up with innovative ideas, which are designed to create delight and engineered to be realised.

Maeva Barriere - Edible Installations (France)
A doctor in edible architecture, creator of artistic pieces for ultimate immersion through taste and texture.

CenSes at the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London - Science (UK)
Centre for the Study of the Senses, pioneering collaborative sensory research, from philosophers, neuroscientists, anthropologists and more.

Nadjib Achaibou - Perfumer (UK, France, Mexico)
Creator of the olfactory essence of The Crossmodalists.

Janice Wang - Scientist and Wine Specialist (UK, USA, Canada)
Science and artist, researching the correspondence between wine and our senses at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory. Head of the Oxford Blind Wine Tasting Society

No Water for Whales (Juliana Gomez) - Film (Colombia)
Crossmodalist film maker, creator of Touch Hunger, a sensual exploration of flavour and texture.

Hélène Minard - Perfume (France)
Perfume Expert, trend, and innovation specialist working on fragrance storytelling and cultural perception. Experimenting with digital scent.

Adah Parris - Polymath (UK)
Intellectual polygamist, hippie geek, and maker of many hats. A modern day polymath that expertly adds, subtracts, and multiplies the identities of others. Enthusiastic curator of people patterns and stories.

Bitter Suite (UK)
Crossmodalesque performs, researching the relation of our senses through dance and performance.

Dr Andy Woods (UK)
Researcher and developer, interested in the psychology of food and drink, using novel ways such as crowd-based online research to explore the two.

James Paul White - Art and Music (UK)
A mix of science and creativity. Finance director in the creative industries, musician, artist, and all round curiosity.

Margarita Balanas - Cello (Latvia, UK)
Siren of the strings, a regular contributor and collaborator.

Katy Ovens - Flute (UK)
A Crossmodalist performer from the first event.

Lucia Brighenti - Pianist (Italy)
Muse, assistant, a constant presence throughout the Crossmodalist journey.

Sofia Troncoso - Mezzo-Soprano (UK/USA)
The voice of Crossmodalism: Siren and songstress.

Arthur Jeffes - Musician (UK)
The provider of inspiration, space, and intrigue. Collaborated with NASA Scientists in the development of Black Hole Music.

In Silence - A Crossmodal collaboration with Feast Films (UK), Petrie Inventory (UK) and Yohji Yamamoto

Bruno Mesz - Science and Music (Argentina)
Our South American counterpart and collaborator in Art, Science and Experience.

Sarah Hyndman - Typography and Design (UK)
Expert in all things to do with font and design - how what we see when we read influences our decisions and reflects our personalities.

Joe Sarah - Photography (UK)
Crossmodal Photographer and content developer.

Per Samuelson - Composition and Sound Artist (Sweden)
Creator of sonic menus for large scale XModal dinners, and founder at Krydda Med Musik (Season with Music).

Luis Antunes - Science and Literature (USA)
Researcher, and author of The Multisensory Film Experience and Experiential Film Aesthetics.

Van Sarkissian - Musician and Festival Curator (Armenia)
Creator of Progressive Music Agency and HassFest (Hearing Art/Seeing Sound Festival) in Yerevan - creating a fourth dimensional experience of visual art through music and collaboration.

Mark H. Geary - Producer (UK, Japan, USA)
Experience Designer, Creative Producer, and Consultant interested in the social impact of experiencing art

Oussama Metatla - Digital Science (UK)
Academic researcher, interested in applying principles of crossmodal interaction to interface design to understand and support collaboration between people with different perceptual abilities.