Next Crossmodalist Gathering:

sunday, April 23rd, 2017

3:00pm – 7:00pm


REGISTRATIONS REQUIRED - Please note, we are asking a £3 minimum contribution to the Movement for the Gatherings.


Crossmodal Gatherings are a space to discuss ideas in their early stages and showcase works and performance related to Crossmodalism. The setting is an informal, open forum oriented towards experimentation and collaboration. Anyone interested in attending is invited to showcase, comment, collaborate or just learn.

They operate on a £3 minimum contribution basis, and happen on a monthly basis at varying London locations.


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XM5_15_Joe Sarah.jpg


Interactive art exhibition by visiting German artist, Annika Kappner
Sensory Museum Tour of the Wallace Collection by a collective group of Crossmodalists
Demonstration of digital theremins technology, developed and performed by Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink
Fashion marketing in wine story telling by Charlotte Calvet (Garmence Wine Studio)
The History of Food History by Tasha Marks (AVM Curiosities)
A synaesthetic painting performance by visual artist Anna Kolosova
A presentation of food based prototypes by Leslie Nooteboom (RCA), inspired by previous Gatherings
An experimental session by Prof. Barry Smith (Director, Institute of Philosophy) on the nature of scent
A perfume and music design workshop by Nadjib Achaibou.
A presentation on black holes and gravitational waves translated into music by Arthur Jeffes.
A multi-sensory story telling session with Grace Boyle and James Williams from Subpac.
A call out for sensory technicians at the next NAA8 party by Alexander Grundsteidl
Presentation on Edible Art by Maeva Barriere
A sensory experience designed to hone all senses into one stimulus by Charles Michel
A demonstration and discussion on tactile fabrics and textile by Sagarika Sundaram
Talks and experiments on cellular agriculture by scientist Abi Glencross and the Boffins on Food
A Three-Course Cocktail with The Drink Factory; manipulating flavour with sound and fragrance.
A recreation of Across the Unseen Sea; immersive dining and film experience by Tereza Stehlikova
A perfume and musical meditation on Steve Reich's 'Come Out' (1966) by Chris Lloyd.

XM GATHERINGS - #5: April and #6: May

Under the watchful eye of curator Nadjib Achaibou, the Crossmodal Gatherings have continued to grow and bring in new, amazing presentations to the London network. April introduced Future Farm Lab to the Crossmodalist network, with Abi, Phoebe and Sophie (pictured below) bringing renewable food experiments, alongside fascinating presentations by Luise Steuckart (Berlin, London) explaining her PhD in 3D moving art, and Sarah Hyndman demonstrating the effect of typography on every day experience. In May, we relocated to Carousel, where Prof. Barry Smith (Director, Institute of Philosophy) experimented with smell as the neglected sense; Alexander Grundsteidl trialled a perfume dispensing vortex cannon for the NAA8 party; Innovation Designer Leslie Nooteboom presented scent-diffusing and tactile cocktail glasses, as well as textured flavour-changing lollipops (pictured) - inspired by a previous Gathering with The Drink Factory; and Anna Kolosova explored her synaesthesia by live painting her reaction to perfume and sound design, to a soundtrack by Berlin music collective, This Is Why - on the theme of Innocence, Foreplay, and Decadence.


XM GATHERINGS - #3: February and #4: March

The Gatherings have continued to build up a momentum, and have proved successful in showcasing incredible ideas by incredible people. In February, James Paul White experimented with sensory overload - sound composition and strobe lighting design paired with an overwhelming chilli jelly which manipulated heart pacing; Janice Wang commenced preliminary research on gestural movement relaying flavour; Chris Lloyd designed a meditation based on the golden ratio and aural/visual/tactile equivalence; and Nadjib Achaibou collaborated with The Drink Factory (69 Colebrooke Row, Bar Termini), by manipulating the flavour of Silent Neon Flowers (title cocktail from TDF's latest publication) using only aural and olfactorial stimulation. Special mention to Sophia Stern for her stunning Schumann.

In March, the stakes rose yet again, with our first ever French presentation courtesy of food artist Maeva Barriere. Maeva travelled from Toulouse to present her work at the Crossmodalism Gatherings, and to explain the research of her PhD, the 'Sacralisation of the Gourmand'. Arthur Jeffes presented his phenomenal work with NASA in theorising and producing the sound of gravitational waves, and presenting his compositions based on the sound of two black holes colliding 2 billion years ago. Alexander Grundsteidl took us through the design process of NAA8 (No Admission After Eight); a multi-sensory dance party with narrative and design across a whole night - as well as putting out a call to Crossmodalists who are interested in taking part in the next event; Terror. Finally, Grace Boyle and team presented an experience for a small number of guests that explored narrative through sensorial experience tactile translation, alongside James Williams from Subpac