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Hacking Flavour Perception: Design, Technology, & Gastrophysics March 27th 2017 (Oxford, UK)

  • University of Oxford Oxford United Kingdom (map)

While enjoying a meal, our brain is continuously combining information about what is detected by the tongue with what we smell, not to mention the expectations set by what we see, hear, and feel. Traditionally, the sensory cues that are combined in the perception of flavour would all have originated from the food and drink itself. Nowadays, though, chefs, culinary artists, experience designers, and researchers working in technology are increasingly starting to hack our experiences of flavour: Everything from sonically seasoning your food through to augmented and virtual reality dining experiences. This workshop brings together practitioners and researchers from a number of different fields in order to investigate how our understanding of multisensory flavor perception (of flavour objects) is being challenged and extended. Hopefully, you will not only get to hear, but also to taste, some of the latest insights and innovations in this fast-moving area.

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