Russell Crew-Gee on "What is the most beautiful thing about being human?"

Our second post in this series features the musings of emotion-in-language researcher, Russell Crew-Gee, the developer of Emolinguistics.

What is the most beautiful thing about being human? In his own words:

The first thing which came to mind was to actually exist. Following in the same vein, the wonders of this existence within a particular time frame can also be taken into consideration since, in recent times, the 20th and 21st century, we have been lucky to live in time of relative peace and as such we have witnessed the greatest advances in Science and the development of human rights ever experienced.

However, because of my own research interest, Emolinguistics, I feel the most beautiful aspect of being human is the complex languages we are capable of in comparison to all other creatures, without which we would not have achieved all the advances we have made in each generation.

Interestingly, where Russell’s answer focuses on what separates humans from most, if not all, other animals - namely our incredible capacity for communication in complex languages - the previous answer by Kim focuses on something we share with all other creatures, the capacity to love.

As the series continues, we will start to explore the interplay between different people’s responses to understand, not only how people’s work and perspective affects the answer, but also the question itself…

Until next time!

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